“Godzilla vs. Kong” Sequel Coming 2024, “Dune: Part Two” Moves to Thanksgiving 2023

That distant roar you hear is the approach of Godzilla and King Kong. Okay, the roar might be a little faint as they’re not that close, but, at least we can now see them coming. Warner Bros. and Legendary have announced the theatrical release plan for two of the biggest upcoming films, and that includes the Godzilla vs. Kong sequel.

Let’s start with the film that arrives first. Co-writer/director Denis Villeneuve’s follow-up to his beautifully wrought Dune is now coming out a month later than expected, but for a very good reason. Dune: Part Two will arrive on November 17, 2023, a slight move from the original release plan of October 20. The extra cushion that’ll give Villeneuve and his talented post-production crew might be minimal, but, it means that the sequel will play over the Thanksgiving holidays. Dune not only did brisk business (more than $400 million globally despite coming out during the pandemic), but it was also a critical darling, nabbing six Oscars.

For director Adam Wingard’s Godzilla vs. Kong sequel—and if you watched that film, you know that the upcoming movie could be more of a team-up rather than a battle royale—is now slated for theaters on March 15, 2024. Godzilla vs. Kong was a hit despite coming out in March of 2021 and via a day-and-date release on HBO Max before vaccinations had been widely distributed.

Dune: Part Two features a sprawling, A-list cast. Returning stars include Timothée Chalamet, Zendaya, Rebecca Ferguson, and Javier Bardem. Newcomers include Florence Pugh, Austin Butler, Christopher Walken, and Léa Seydoux.

There’s no word yet on the cast for the Godzilla vs. Kong sequel save for the involvement of its two main stars, Godzilla and Kong.

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Featured image: Caption: (L-r) GODZILLA fights KONG in Warner Bros. Pictures’ and Legendary Pictures’ action adventure “GODZILLA VS. KONG,” a Warner Bros. Pictures and Legendary release. Photo Credit: Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures and Legendary Pictures


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