John Krasinski & Emily Blunt Reunited the Hamilton Cast on Some Good News

The second episode of Some Good News, John Krasinski’s charming DIY series on YouTube, is epic. Not that the first glimpse of Krasinski’s surprise show, which is produced with help from his talented family, wasn’t sensational. The first episode included an interview between Krasinski and Steve Carell about their work on The Office, which was timed to the show’s 15th anniversary, some love for the heroes working on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic, and a beautiful interview with a young girl recovering from cancer.

For the second episode, which was released this past Sunday, Krasinski once again focused on the healthcare professionals all over the world fighting on our behalfs against the pandemic. The episode also spotlights the companies, manufacturers, and individuals who have been churning out the essential PPE and equipment our healthcare workers rely on.

Then there was the episode’s big reveal; Krasinski brought on a young girl named Aubrey whose chance to see Hamilton was scuttled due to theater shutdowns. This young girl happens to also like a little film called Mary Poppins Returns. Now, you’re likely aware that Krasinski happens to know Mary Poppins, so to speak. His wife Emily Blunt starred in the film, so, Blunt appeared to say hello and make the young girl’s day. But that was but the appetizer; soon their delightful zoom call gets another entrant—Lin-Manuel Miranda, the creator and original star of Hamilton, who then brings in the entire original Broadway cast to sing “Alexander Hamilton” to her.

Check out the second, very adorable episode of Some Good News below:

Featured image: The entire original cast of Hamilton joins John Krasinski and Emily Blunt on ‘Some Good News.’ 

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