Marvel’s “Fantastic Four” Movie Starts Filming Next Year

WandaVision director Matt Shakman feels like the perfect fit to breathe life back into one of the most iconic super-groupings in the Marvel canon. So, it’s exciting to hear that Shakman has confirmed with Collider that his Fantastic Four is on pace to start filming next year.

Shakman was talking with Collider about his upcoming series The Consultant on Prime Video. When asked about how his feature film debut for the MCU was going, Shakman said that filming for Fantastic Four will begin “early next year.” Shakman is coming off his Emmy-nominated run helming the very first Marvel Studios series on Disney+, the aforementioned WandaVision, which pulled off the seemingly impossible task of meshing a slew of beloved older sitcoms into a Marvel-ian world of Wanda (Elizabeth Olsen)’s making, as she essentially trapped a New Jersey suburb in a liminal zone between reality and fiction so she could live out a peaceful life with the love of her life, a resurrected Vision (Paul Bettany).

Pulling off WandaVision has prepared Shakman for the rigors of re-introducing the Fantastic Four into the MCU. Before that, Shakman’s not only been working on The Consultant but Apple TV’s upcoming untitled Godzilla series which follows the events of Godzilla vs. Kong. Once he’s cleared his plate of that, his attention will fully turn to Fantastic Four.

Fantastic Four is pretty much my life until Valentine’s Day of 2025,” Shakman said to Collider about his near future and the release date for the hotly anticipated film. If you’re hoping that he dished on who, exactly, would be playing the title four characters, Shakman was staying mum. Despite John Krasinski playing Mr. Fantastic in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, the actor has said it wasn’t anything more than his chance to play in the Marvel sandbox for a day, and Shakman hasn’t given any casting updates. “All the casting stuff you see is just rumors,” he told Collider. “We are early in our process there. We have nothing to announce right now, and certainly, when we do we’ll let you know.”

Next out for Marvel Studios is Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantuamania, which introduces Phase 5’s Big Bad, Jonathan Majors’ Kang the Conqueror. The film lands on February 17. We’ll let you know when we hear anything else on Shakman’s Fantastic Four, which should be one of Phase 6’s most crucial films.

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Featured image: “Fantastic Four” logo art. Courtesy Marvel Studios/Walt Disney Studios.


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