Watch Game of Thrones Fans Create a Cersei Pancake & More

The theme song played perfectly on a violin. A young woman dressed up as Daenerys Targaryen eating what appears to be a heart. Another woman’s painstaking recreation of King’s Landing, by hand, with paper. The theme song again—this time on electric guitar. A lovingly handcrafted dragon. An impressive depiction of Cersei Lannister—via pancake. These are some of the tributes Game of Thrones fans have created for their favorite show, all captured in this minute-long video and released by HBO on their official Game of Thrones YouTube page.

Whether they’re laboring on a nearly perfect replica of the Night King’s head, painting their favorite characters in impressively detailed portraits or getting Game of Throne-themed tattoos, these fans are not messing around. HBO is making the most of their devotion, tying it into their season 8 theme, #ForTheThrone. What wouldn’t these fans do #ForTheThrone? Seemingly nothing. It appears one couple in the video had a GoT themed wedding.

The video is all a part of the buildup to the 8th and final season. HBO is starting to ramp up the promotion for their flagship series’ swan song—or should we say dragon song? We’ve shared this beautiful batch of new photos. The photos—nearly all of them stately portraits—reveal little of what actually happens in the season, but they speak to the gravity of the situation for each of the characters captured. There’s no hint of the epic battle between the living and the dead, but we know that in real life, it took an astonishing 55-days to film. This fan video, which followed the photos, followed that beguiling teaser. It was the teaser that first made us wonder whether it was possible that the Night King might resurrect characters we’ve lost throughout the show’s first 7 season—including, say, Catelyn Stark?

We’ll know soon enough what’s possible and what’s not in the final, six-episode season—Game of Thrones returns for one more bloody round on April 14. But fear not, Citizens of Westeros—HBO is filming the Game of Thornes prequel pilot this summer.

Featured image: Lena Headey. Photo: Helen Sloane/HBO


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