“Black Mirror” Season 7 Teaser Reveals Return of Fan-Favorite Storyline

Not only is Black Mirror returning to Netflix for season 7, but one of the sci-fi anthology’s most beloved storylines is returning, too. A new teaser released by Netflix reveals this juicy detail about the upcoming season.

It looks like the crew—well, the surviving crew—from the season four premiere episode USS Callister are reporting for duty. Among the six new episodes that will arrive on Netflix in 2025 are a follow-up to the Star Trek parody that enraptured fans. The USS Callister crew won’t be returning full force, however. “Robert Daly is dead, but for the crew of the USS Callister, their problems are just beginning,” the new teaser reveals. Jesse Plemons played Robert Daly in the original episode, a dastardly figure who used the DNA of his colleagues to create the hugely popular multiplayer online game set on the titular spaceship. Things go badly for Captain Daly, however, when a new hire named Nanette Cole (Cristin Milioti) stages a revolt against their corrupt captain.

USS Callister was written by Black Mirror co-creator Charlie Brooker and William Bridges and directed by Toby Haynes. While it hasn’t been revealed who from the USS Callister cast is returning, the choices are bountiful. There’s Milioti’s rebellious Nanette Cole, of course, and she was joined in the episode by Jimmi Simpson, Michaela Coel, Billy Magnussen, Milanka Brooks, Osy Ikhile, and Paul G. Raymond. Aaron Paul had a voice cameo in the episode (he later appeared in his own Black Mirror installment in season six, “Beyond the Sea”) and even Kirsten Dunst is an option—she was in a background shot of the crew’s office.

Black Mirror has been one of the most consistently engaging sci-fi series of all time and has been almost freakishly ahead of the curve in looking at our near future with a gimlet eye. It’s won six Emmys in six seasons and has featured a bevy of incredible performers across, some already stars, like season 6’s Salma Hayek, some on their way to becoming them.

Check out the teaser below. Black Mirror season 7 returns to Netflix in 2025:

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Featured image: Black Mirror, USS Callister. From L-r: Paul G. Raymond, Michaela Cole, Milanka Brooks, Jesse Plemons,Jimmi Simpson, Cristin Milloti and Osy Ikhile. Photo: Jonathan Prime / Netflix


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