Netflix Reveals “Black Mirror” Season 6 Teaser With Salma Hayek, Zazie Beetz & More

It’s now a tired joke that the world has become a Black Mirror episode, which made it almost redundant for series creator Charlie Brooker and his talented team to continue cranking out seasons laced with tech-dystopian vibes and gimlet-eyed critiques of the human animal. Well, thankfully, the sixth season is not only happening; we now have our first look, revealing a peek at how the Black Mirror team has absorbed our increasingly Black Mirror-like reality.

“You’ve been wondering” text during the new teaser accurately states. “You’ve been waiting.” Yes, and yes. We have been both of these things. We get glimpses of season six’s cast, including Aaron Paul, Zazie Beetz, and more. Then the trailer gets dark—this is Black Mirror, after all—and fresh text tells us, “You’ve been warned.” Violence ensues. Madness. Glimpses of the always insanely talented Black Mirror cast, which also includes Salma Hayek (!) and Kate Mara, play over appropriately gorgeous/creepy music.

There’s a good argument to be made that Black Mirror is one of, if not the best, anthology series ever made. That the seasons are often separated by so much time might frustrate some, but it irrefutably adds even more intrigue to a show that has consistently, creepily, seemed to presage what’s coming right around the bend of our berserk reality. At long last, Black Mirror is back, but one might suggest that in reality, Black Mirror has neve left.

Joining the aforementioned stars in the cast are Anjana Vasan, Annie Murphy, Auden Thornton, Ben Barnes, Clara Rugaard, Daniel Portman, Danny Ramirez, Himesh Patel, John Hannah, Josh Hartnett, Michael Cera, Monica Dolan, Myha’la Herrold, Paapa Essiedu, Rob Delaney, Rory Culkin, and Samuel Blenkin. 

Check out the teaser below. Black Mirror returns in June:

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Featured image: Salma Hayek in “Black Mirror.” Courtesy Nick Wall/Netflix.


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