Chris Hemsworth Reveals “Furiosa” Prequel Has Begun Filming

Mad Max: Fury Road fans, start your engines. Chris Hemsworth has revealed on Twitter that the Furiosa prequel has finally begun filming. Like so many other movies, Furiosa was delayed due to the pandemic, and the original release date of June 2023 got pushed to May 2024. But now, the stars have literally aligned as the cast has finally assembled and filming is underway on George Miller’s highly-anticipated prequel, exploring the conditions and context that made Charlize Theron’s deathless Furiosa character in Fury Road possible.

Here’s Hemsworth’s tweet, revealing a film slate against a very Mad Max-ian background:

That backdrop looks familiar to Mad Max fans—a scorched landscape, bereft of water but possibly perfect for speeding across in a souped-up vehicle welded together from spare parts and fitted to a massive, fire-belching engine. Franchise mastermind George Miller returns to direct, of course, co-writing the script with his Fury Road collaborator Nick Lathouris. In the crucial role of the young Furiosa is Anya Taylor-Joy, while Hemsworth, Angus Sampson, and Tom Burke all have unknown roles.

In Mad Max: Fury Road, Theron’s Furiosa was the real hero of the film, despite Tom Hardy’s indestructible Max getting title billing. She was the one who risked everything to defy Immortan Joe and secret five of his wives out of the Citadel towards a potential sanctuary beyond his reach. For you Fury Road fans, you know that the sanctuary didn’t exist, and the film was essentially one long, breathless chase, with Max and Furiosa teaming up to try and save the wives and put an end to Immortan Joe’s tyranny. Mad Max: Fury Road was, simply put, one of the best action movies of the century, and simply a great film, full stop.

This is why there’s such excitement over Furiosa. Taylor-Joy has the chops to step into Theron’s boots—no easy task there—having done incredible work in films like The Northman, Last Night in Soho, and The Witch, and starring in Netflix’s smash hit series The Queen’s Gambit. And Hemsworth, of course, knows his way around a blockbuster, an intense film schedule, and high expectations. With George Miller at the helm, these capable performers will have every opportunity to make Furiosa pure fire.

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Featured image: Charlize Theron is Furiosa in “Mad Max: Fury Road.” Courtesy Warner Bros.


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