“The Batman” Deleted Scene Reveals a Major Confrontation With SPOILER ALERT

Riddle me this—who might be the most unexpected person Batman (Robert Pattinson) might turn to for help in capturing the Riddler (Paul Dano)? How about the Joker (Barry Keoghan)? In a new deleted scene revealed by writer/director Matt Reeves, Batman visits Gotham’s most notorious Clown Prince of Chaos in Arkham asylum to seek his help in catching the latest psychopath to terrorize the city.

Reeves has even created his own series of riddles on this website which, if answered correctly, lead to the deleted scene.

“What’s interesting is that the reason that Joker’s in the movie is there was actually another scene that was earlier,” Reeves told IGN. “And because the movie is not an origin tale for Batman, but it’s his early days, it really is an origin tale for the Rogue’s Gallery’s characters. And for me, I think [it’s] this idea that the Joker is not yet the Joker, but they already have this relationship.”

Reeves drew from a few sources of inspiration for his take on the Joker, including the classic silent film The Man Who Laughs. He tapped expert makeup effects guru Mike Marino to help design the Joker’s look. In the end, the Joker has but a small part to play in The Batman, but as this clip shows, the relationship between Batman and the Joker is already developed and means we’ll likely be seeing more of Batman’s most twisted, troubled foil in the future.

Check out the scene here. The Batman is in theaters now.

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Featured image: Caption: Caption: (L-r) ROBERT PATTINSON as Batman and JEFFREY WRIGHT as Lt. James Gordon in Warner Bros. Pictures’ action adventure “THE BATMAN,” a Warner Bros. Pictures release. Photo Credit: Jonathan Olley/™ & © DC Comics


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