“Wonder Woman 1984” IMAX Featurette Puts Focus on Epic Action

Two days ago we shared this big batch of new Wonder Woman 1984 photos that Warner Bros. released. In this haul were a bunch of shots of the Amazon Games, the highly competitive—and incredibly dangerous—triathlon held on Wonder Woman’s mystical home island of Themyscira. Now IMAX has revealed a new featurette that puts the focus on director Patty Jenkins’ commitment to capturing some of the film’s action set pieces, including those Amazon Games sequences, using their cameras.

“It was very important for me to shoot this on film, I believe in it tremendously,” Jenkins says at the outset of the new featurette. “It still has a quality that nothing else can duplicate. I actually got the opportunity to shoot on IMAX, which was mind-blowing. The footage that you get back from it is stunning. It’s like nothing else.” Jenkins goes on to praise the “quality of emulsive print filmmaking” that IMAX film provides. “It’s like the highest quality of oil painting for an artist.”

Granted, many of us will be watching Wonder Woman 1984 from home when it premieres on December 25 on HBO Max. Yet if you’ve got an IMAX theater near you, this featurette makes the case for the experience you’ll have.

“If you get to see this film projected in film, on a full-size IMAX screen, you’ll never forget it,” says Scott Smith, an IMAX tech.

“Patty’s vision for this movie is so ambitious,” star Gal Gadot says. “The stories are so personal and beautiful and intimate, but at the same time, they’re huge and big and mind-blowing.”

By the time Wonder Woman 1984 opens, it’ll have been 66-years since Diana left her home of Themyscira, helped the allies win World War I, and, apparently, lost Steve Trevor (Chris Pine). Yet we know they’ll be reunited here, and will face Pedro Pascal as the film’s villain, Max Lord, and Kristen Wiig as a new apex predator, Cheetah. The equally great Robin Wright and Connie Nielsen return as Antiope and Hippolyta respectively.

Wonder Woman 1984 streams on HBO Max on December 25, the same day it hits select theaters. Check out the featurette here:

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Featured image: Caption: LILLY ASPELL as Young Diana in Warner Bros. Pictures’ action adventure “WONDER WOMAN 1984,” a Warner Bros. Pictures release. Photo Credit: Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures/ ™ & © DC Comics


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