America’s film and television industry embraces new advances in technology—both in how we tell stories and how we reach audiences. From special effects to 3D and 4D theaters to shooting at 48 frames-per-second, innovations in filmmaking transport audiences to new worlds.

Technological innovation has also made it possible to reach audiences where, when, and on any device they want. Content creators now use more than 140 legal services to make film and TV content available online in the United States, and more than 460 around the world. U.S. audiences used those services to access 8.1 billion movies and 110.3 billion TV episodes in 2016, alone.

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To grow this legal digital marketplace and achieve further innovations, we need cooperation from all responsible players in the internet economy—advertisers, ad networks, payment processors, internet service providers, search engines, and device manufacturers. When creativity is respected online, all legitimate businesses stand to benefit. At the same time, we must resist efforts by those who seek to weaken copyright for their own commercial gain and to the detriment of creators.

U.S. audiences used legal streaming services to access 8.1 billion movies and 110.3 billion TV episodes in 2016 alone.

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Today, there are more than 140 platforms that offer legal access to your favorite movies and television shows anywhere, and on any device you want. Below is an aggregated list of services available to users in the United States. While services differ by country, several below are available in multiple countries.

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