The Mandalorian Will Have an Original Star Wars Trilogy Feel

So many juicy details have emerged from the Television Critics Association yesterday. We got a bit of news regarding the Game of Thrones prequel pilot. We found out a bit about Marvel’s plans for the X-Men franchise, specifically Wolverine. And now we’ve got some new information on the upcoming live-action Star Wars series The Mandalorian.

One of the directors helming an episode is the great Taiki Waititi, the man who put his stamp on Marvel’s Thor: Ragnaork. Waititi is a singular talent, so much so he turned Chris Hemsworth’s Thor into the funniest Avenger. At the Television Critics Association event, he was asked whether he’d be doing something similar to his part of The Mandalorian. Here’s what Deadline reports he said:

“A little bit, but Star Wars is very different to the Marvel style,” he said. “The tone of the first films really should be adhered to, it’s what the fans like. You can’t disrespect it. Definitely, my tone is in there.”

It’s great news that Waititi’s personal tone will be at least some part of the show. He’s got a great cast to work with—a really great cast. It’s not surprising that Disney will want to keep the live-action series well within the realm of the Star Wars canon. It also makes sense, considering the show’s timeframe, that they’ll be looking at the original trilogy as a guidepost. Waititi had this to say about working with executive producer and writer Jon Favreau:

“It was amazing. Favreau is a genius…it’s fun doing something in the Star Wars universe. It’s [strange] to see a stormtrooper, and then when you’re doing a scene with 50 or 60 of them, it’s amazing.”

The Mandalorian is expected on Disney+ this fall. We’re betting we’ll be seeing a proper glimpse of the show when the Star Wars Celebration kicks off this April in Chicago.

Featured image: An image from the set of ‘The Mandalorian.’ Courtesy Walt Disney Studios.


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