“007: Road to a Million” Trailer Reveals James Bond-Inspired Reality Show Led by Brian Cox

It goes without saying that Brian Cox would be excellent in a James Bond movie. But, considering we’re waiting for a new actor to be cast in the role, we’ll settle for Cox hosting 007: Road to a Million, a new reality series that puts real people on a James Bond-like adventure with the chance to win a £1,000,000 prize.

Yet Cox is playing a character here—he’s “The Controller,” the mastermind behind the game that sends pairs of people dashing, a la James Bond, all over the world searching for clues and testing their mental and physical acuity. The Controller decides where the pairs go, what questions they must answer, and what they must do. He watches their every move, “reveling as his often merciless and punishing plans unfold in front of him,” as Prime Video’s synopsis describes. Sounds a lot like Cox’s now iconic Succession character, Logan Roy, doesn’t it?

The new series comes from the producers behind the James Bond films, including Barbara Broccoli, so you can be sure the game is steeped in as much Bondian intrigue as possible. The challenges, the locations, Cox’s all-seeing Controller, and the quality of the production will all feel as 007 as possible. And the tension will build with each question as the amount of money to be won or lost rises every step of the way.

007: Road to a Million will take the competitors and viewers on a world tour, from the Scottish Highlands to a remote Chilean desert, from the twisting alleyways and canals of Venice to the beautiful Caribbean coastline of Jamaica. Nine pairs of people will do their level best to channel James Bond as they puzzle their way across the globe, with none other than Brian Cox watching their every move.

Check out the teaser below. 007: Road to Million streams on Prime Video on November 10:

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Featured image: Brian Cox in “007: Road to a Million.” Courtesy Prime Video.


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