Hugh Jackman Reveals his Meal Plan for Bulking Up to Play Wolverine in “Deadpool 3”

What does it take to become Wolverine? Hugh Jackman revealed the menu he’s working with in order to bulk up to become the adamantium-clawed mutant for Deadpool 3. The photo Jackman shared of his meal plan (which he credits to Chef Mario) is, of course, only part of his process of recapturing the fully jacked physique of arguably the toughest member of the X-Men. You can’t just eat your way to a six-pack and jacked biceps, but if you want to become Wolverine, you’ll need to eat. A lot.

Jackman’s putting away Patagonia salmon (2,100 calories), black bass (2,000 calories), two chicken burgers (roughly 1,000 calories each), and two grass-fed sirloins (1,100 calories each)—a day. That totals 8,000 calories every 24 hours for Jackman, which is a lot. As Variety helpfully pointed out, Jonathan Majors bulked up for his turn as an obsessive bodybuilder for the Sundance hit Magazine Dreams by consuming 6,000 calories a day for four months. Obviously, both Jackman and Majors are able to consume this amount of calories because they’re turning a huge percentage of those calories into muscle by working out, hard, for hours a day.

Here’s Jackman’s tweet:

Jackman’s reprisal of his most iconic role was massive news in the Marvel Cinematic Universe world. This will be the first time he’s played Wolverine for Marvel, a character he brought to the big screen back in 2000 in the very first X-Men film, and then played in multiple X-Men film, and, for what was billed as his final turn, in James Mangold’s 2017 Logan. Jackman’s Wolverine died in that film, yet that didn’t stop his longtime buddy Ryan Reynolds from lobbying Jackman repeatedly to reprise the role in a Deadpool movie.

In Deadpool 3, Jackman will be sharing the screen with Reynolds in their respective roles as Wolverine and Deadpool, but not for the first time. The pair appeared briefly together in X-Men Origins: Wolverine as these characters, but that version of Wade Wilson (Deadpool’s civilian name) was decidedly not the version Reynolds re-launched in 2016. Now, the duo will be wise-cracking and superhero’ing in an R-rated film (like the previous two Deadpool installments) in a franchise that has become legendary for it’s humor, it’s hardcore action, and Deadpool’s relentless riffing and joking.

Jackman will be buffed and ready to handle whatever lunacy Reynolds and the Deadpool 3 brain trust—director Shawn Levy and screenwriters Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick—have cooked up for him. The man can clearly absorb just about everything.

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Featured image: Hugh Jackman in Logan. Courtesy 20th Century Fox/Walt Disney Studios.


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