“The Boogeyman” Trailer Unleashes Chilling Stephen King Adaptation

The first trailer for The Boogeyman is a heckuva way to start your week. Yet this latest adaptation of a Stephen King novel looks beautifully, creepily contained as the story settles in over a single family’s battle with a supernatural entity that preys on families and feeds off their suffering.

The Boogeyman stars Chris Messina as Will, the father of two girls, the teenage Sadie (Sophie Thatcher of Yellowjackets fame) and Sawyer (Vivien Lyra Blair), who are reeling after the death of their mother. Will, a therapist, is struggling to help the girls in their grief as he’s swamped by his own. Sawyer, like most young kids, has a fear of the dark and the monsters that lurk there. In her case, however, her fears are warranted. The titular Boogeyman is on-premises, and it aims to feast on Sawyer’s fears and pain. Soon enough, th entire family will be fighting for their lives.

The trailer does good work establishing the pared-down mood of the film, which comes from director Rob Savage (Host, Dashcam) working from a script from A Quiet Place screenwriters Bryan Woods and Scott Beck. A little like A Quiet PlaceThe Boogeyman looks like a slow-burn horror film, one that patiently teases the monsters while establishing why we should care about the people the monster will try to hurt.

Joining the aforementioned cast of Messina, Thatcher, and Blaire are some great actors, including David Dastmalchian, Madison Hu, and Marin Ireland. The trailer dropped during the National Football Conference championship game between the Philadelphia Eagles and San Francisco 49ers, giving as many possible people a glimpse of this latest, and very arresting, Stephen King adaptation.

Check out the trailer below. The Boogeyman creeps in theaters on June 2, 2023.

Featured image: Vivien Lyra Blair is Sawyer in “The Boogeyman.” Courtesy 20th Century Studios/Walt Disney Studios


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