“The White Lotus” Season 2 Trailer Brings Mike White’s Biting Social Satire to Italy

Mike White’s Emmy-slathered comedy The White Lotus was one of 2021’s most deliciously deranged comedies, and now HBO has shared the trailer for season two, which moves the scourges of the privileged vacationers from Hawaii to Italy.

How do you come off a season that garnered 20 Emmy nominations across 13 categories and 10 wins (the most for any show this year), including Oustanding Limited or Anthology Series? One way is to bring back one of season one’s standouts, the unimprovable Jennifer Coolidge, who returns as the tipsy, sweet-natured Tayna McQuoid. Coolidge joins another stellar cast, including F. Murray Abraham, Adam DiMarco, Beatrice Grannò, Meghann Fahy, Jon Gries, Tom Hollander, Sabrina Impacciatore, Michael Imperioli, Theo James, Aubrey Plaza, Haley Lu Richardson, Will Sharpe, Simona Tabasco, and Leo Woodall.

Season two’s action takes place in the titular White Lotus resort in Sicily, where family squabbles (amongst the Italian American guests), marital squabbles, hard partying, and poor choices will once again be under a microscope. As was the case in the first season, the White Lotus Sicily staff will find themselves plunged into the pathologies of their moneyed guests. Let’s see if season two can top the fate of Murray Bartlett’s Armond from season one.

The trailer offers an apertivo of what’s to come. White hit a grand slam with the first season of his biting social satire, and there’s little doubt he won’t make the most of the Sicilian setting and comedic chops of his cast.

Check out the trailer here. The White Lotus returns to HBO on Sunday, October 30, at 9 pm ET/PT.

F. Murray Abraham as BERT DI GRASSO – Visiting Sicily with his son, Dominic (Michael Imperioli), and grandson, Albie (Adam DiMarco), Bert is getting frail, yet still sees himself as virile and capable.

Jennifer Coolidge as TANYA MCQUOID-HUNT – A wealthy, unstable woman, traveling with her husband, Greg (Jon Gries), and assistant, Portia (Haley Lu Richardson).

Adam DiMarco as ALBIE DI GRASSO – Dominic’s (Michael Imperioli) son and Bert’s  (F. Murray Abraham) grandson, Albie is a sweet and observant college grad, who often serves as his family’s peacekeeper.

Meghann Fahy as DAPHNE BABCOCK – A stay-at-home mom visiting Italy with her husband, Cameron (Theo James), and another couple, Ethan (Will Sharpe) and Harper (Aubrey Plaza).

Jon Gries as GREG – Tanya’s (Jennifer Coolidge) husband, who is less than pleased to find her assistant invited on their romantic getaway. 

Beatrice Grannò as MIA – A Sicilian local, Mia is a talented singer in search of her big break.

Tom Hollander as QUENTIN – an English expat, vacationing with his friends and his nephew, Jack (Leo Woodall).

Sabrina Impacciatore as VALENTINA – The passionate, dedicated manager in charge of the White Lotus resort in Taormina, who expects perfection from her staff. 

Michael Imperioli as DOMINIC DI GRASSO – A Hollywood producer visiting Sicily with his elderly father, Bert (F. Murray Abraham), and post-college son, Albie (Adam DiMarco), to explore their ancestral roots. 

Theo James as CAMERON BABCOCK – A wildly successful businessman from a wealthy family, Cameron is vacationing with his wife Daphne (Meghann Fahy), his college roommate, Ethan (Will Sharpe), and Ethan’s wife, Harper (Aubrey Plaza).

Aubrey Plaza as HARPER SPILLER – Newly wealthy after her husband finds professional success, Harper and Ethan (Will Sharpe) are visiting Italy with Ethan’s college roommate, Cameron (Theo James), and Cameron’s wife, Daphne (Meghann Fahy).

Haley Lu Richardson as PORTIA – A small-town girl and recent college graduate, Portia is traveling with her boss, Tanya (Jennifer Coolidge), hoping for adventure.

Will Sharpe as ETHAN SPILLER – After recently striking professional success, Ethan and his wife, Harper (Aubrey Plaza), are invited to vacation in Italy with his college roommate, Cameron (Theo James), and Cameron’s wife, Daphne (Meghann Fahy). 

Simona Tabasco as LUCIA– a Sicilian local who frequents the White Lotus resort in search of work and opportunity amongst the wealthy clientele.

Leo Woodall as JACK – a magnetic guest staying at The White Lotus with his uncle, Quentin (Tom Hollander).

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Featured image: Francesco Zecca as Matteo, Leo Woodall as Jack, Tom Hollander as Quentin, Jennifer Coolidge as Tanya McQuoid-Hunt, Haley Lu Richardson as Portia. Photo courtesy HBO.


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