HBO Reveals First Look at “The Last of Us”

It was a major night for HBO. You might have been one of the millions of people who watched the hotly-anticipated premiere of House of the Dragonthe first Game of Thrones prequel to make it to air. Then there was this little nugget, the first footage from HBO’s upcoming The Last of Us, one of the premium channel’s most intriguing projects.

This glimpse of The Last of Us came packaged in a teaser for a bunch of upcoming HBO Originals, including The White Lotus, His Dark Materials, Avenue 5, and Doom Patrol. HBO revealed the glimpse in a tweet, which ends with footage from The Last of Us that shows the series leads Pedro Pascal, as Joel, and Bella Ramsey, as Ellie, as they journey across a devastated America. The pair trundle across a snow-covered bridge, hide out in shadowy corners, flee, fight, and do a bit of forensic inspection of some decidedly unhealthy-looking walls. There’s been a plague, you see, and if those walls could talk, they’d probably cough up blood and scream run! We also see Nick Offerman’s character, Bill, who reveals himself when he takes off his gas mask. The entire look is a mere 20-seconds long, but that’s 20-seconds more than we’ve seen previously. The overarching feeling here is one of unease, which is precisely what The Last of Us should inspire, considering it’s set in a post-apocalyptic hellscape.

Check it out for yourself:

The Last of Us is another big swing for HBO, which clearly believes it has something special here. The series, based on a popular video game series, tracks Joel and Ellie’s journey across the U.S. after a plague has transformed most of the population into monsters. The infected are vicious and dangerous, but so, too, are the survivors, meaning that Joel and Ellie’s path will be extremely dangerous.

One big reason HBO has high hopes for the series, aside from the stellar pairing of Pascal and Ramsey, is that the show comes from Chernobyl creator Craig Mazin and the creator of the original video game, Neil Druckmann.

We’re still waiting on an exact release date for The Last of Us, but we know it arrives sometime in 2023 and will have 10 episodes.

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Featured image: Pedro Pascal, Bella Ramsey. Photo courtesy HBO. 


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