“The Last Duel” Trailer Reveals Ridley Scott’s Epic Starring Jodie Comer, Matt Damon & Adam Driver

A star-studded cast, one of our greatest living directors, and a trio of very talented screenwriters are behind The Last Duel, and now we’ve got our first peek. 20th Century Studios has released the official trailer for Ridley Scott’s latest, which focuses on a true story from 14th-century France about pride, preening men, and the woman who defied a nation. That woman is Marguerite, played by Killing Eve‘s Jodie Comer, married to Jean de Carrouges (Matt Damon) in a time of “codified patriarchy” as the screenwriters (more on them in a second) explain. The problems begin when Marguerite accuses her husband’s old friend, Jacques Le Gris (Adam Driver) of attacking her, setting into motion a series of events that will lead to the titular last duel and a potentially horrific fate for Marguerite.

The Last Duel in question is between Carrouges, who challenges Le Gris to trial by combat in order to defend his wife. “I’m risking my life for you,” Carrouges says, but he’s only half right. “You’re risking my life, “Margurite reminds him, for if he loses, she’ll be burned alive.

The talent involved here is immense. Scott is directing from a script from a great director in her own right, Nicole Holofcener, which she co-wrote with Matt Damon and Ben Affleck (Affleck plays Count Pierre d’Alençon.) Here’s what the screenwriting trio had to say in a statement:

“This film is an effort to retell the story of a heroic woman from history whom most people haven’t heard of. We admired her bravery and resolute determination and felt this was both a story that needed to be told and one whose drama would captivate audiences the way it moved us as writers. As we further explored the story, we found so many aspects of the formal, codified patriarchy of 14th century Western Europe to still be present in vestigial ways (and in some cases almost unchanged) in today’s society. We chose to use the device of telling the story from several character’s perspectives in order to examine the immutable fact that although often multiple people who experience the same event come away with differing accounts, there can only be one truth.”

The Last Duel is set to hit theaters on October 15. Watch the first trailer below:

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Featured image: Jodie Comer in “The Last Duel.” Courtesy 20th Century Studios


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