Vin Diesel’s a Tortured Superhero in New Bloodshot Trailer

Sony has released the second trailer for Bloodshot (you can watch the gnarly first trailer here), which stars Vin Diesel as Ray Garrison, a soldier who is killed in action while serving his country. Only Ray’s death doesn’t last long; thanks to a company called RST (Rising Spirit Technologies), Ray’s brought back to life. When he wakes up—with a scientist played by the reliably sinister Guy Pearce awaiting him—Ray learns he’s been brought back from the dead with a few, major improvements thanks to the cutting edge technology his body now houses. In the film’s second trailer, we get to see a bit more of what director Dave Wilson is up to here. Wilson helms from a script by Eric Heisserer (Arrival) and Jeff Wadlow (Truth or Dare), adapted from the comic book series from Yvel Guichet, Bob Layton, Don Perlin, and Kevin VanHook. This is the second big superhero film that Sony has teased in the past two days; yesterday, they revealed the first look at their blood-sucker antihero film Morbius.

Once resurrected, Ray finds that the nanotechnology that has made him incredibly strong and incredibly resilient (he can heal instantaneously from nearly any wound) comes with a few catches. Ray is essentially now a super-soldier (sound like someone you know?), but unlike Captain America, however, who often clashed with the entities that made him, Ray’s problems are literally in his head. His memories, and possibly his entire mind, are under the control of RST. What happened to him, and more importantly what happened to his wife, is subject to manipulation by RST, who uses Ray to eliminate their desired targets.

It’s a pretty excellent conceit for a superhero film. Bloodshot hails from Valiant Comics, and this will be Wilson’s debut feature. Joining Diesel and Pearce are Eliza Gonzalez (Baby Driver) and Sam Heughan (Outlander).

Bloodshot hits theaters on March 13, 2020. Check out the trailer here:

Featured image: Bloodshot (Vin Diesel) in Columbia Pictures’ BLOODSHOT. Credit: GRAHAM BARTHOLOMEW. © 2019 Sony Pictures.


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