Early Reactions for Mary Poppins Returns Promises a Spirit-Lifting Sequel

Every sight, sound, and sneak peek of Mary Poppins Returns has indicated it is going to wrap everyone in a cotton candy cloud of joy and nostalgia and float us all away to the sky. However, you can never fully count on a confectionary cloud floating experience until it is confirmed by the critics. Consider it done. Disney held the magical premiere last night and early reviews report that the audience was completely enchanted.

Nearly every portion of the production has been complimented. The animation, choreography, original songs, and production design all received high praise. Several people said they adored Lin-Manuel Miranda in his biggest film role to date, and Atom Tickets’ Alisha Grauso said he even got to flex some of his Hamilton type muscles.

Most of all, however, no one can stop talking about Emily Blunt. Paul Carlson hailed, “A perfectly cast Emily Blunt is exquisite as the fantastical nanny.” Blunt has spoken on press tour about how nervous she was following in Julie Andrews’ footsteps, but it seems the fear was unwarranted. Cinema Blend said their expectations were met in the most satisfying way.

Flickering Myth writer EJ Moreno said it was the best Rob Marshall musical since Chicago. In my opinion, Chicago is only rivaled by Joel Schumacher’s Phantom of the Opera for the greatest modern movie musical, so that is cause for excitement. Mary Poppins Returns is also generating awards season buzz, while will soon be upon us.

Not coincidentally, Chicago was the film that put movie musicals back on the map and pulled down six Oscar wins. It even took home Best Picture in 2003. Catherine Zeta-Jones won best supporting actor and the film nabbed Costume Design, Sound Mixing, Film Editing, and Production Design. Those are all categories that have tongues wagging for Mary Poppins Returns. Perhaps this could be another big year for the movie musical.

Mary Poppins Returns opens to delight audiences nationwide on December 19.

Featured Image: Emily Blunt is Mary Poppins in Dinsey’s original musical MARY. POPPINS RETURNS, a sequel to the 1964 MARY POPPINS which takes audiences on an entirely new adventure with the practically perfect nanny and the Banks family.


Kelle Long

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