Venom Unleashes Its Full Potential in New Clip

A new Venom clip finally reveals the full transformation from Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy) into his symbiote alter ego. The two seem to work in perfect tandem, but once the symbiote takes over, it’s all-consuming. We also finally get to see how Venom moves in full action mode and a taste of what exactly they’re capable of.

Earlier today we got almost a full body glimpse at Venom. He’s massive and muscly, towering above a would-be thief. It’s a crazy thing to behold and that mega row of teeth would be enough to frighten even the most hardened criminal. The new clip, however, shows Venom in all his tongue wagging glory.

The trailers have alluded to Brock being a victim of an evil corporation. A previous clip showed the journalist grilling Dr. Drake (Riz Ahmed) of the Life Foundation about mysterious deaths on their property.  Presumably, Brock gets a little too close to the truth and ends up as the next experiment. The fusion process of being taken over by the alien life form seems brutal, but eventually, Brock gets the hang of it.

A SWAT team comes after Venom, but they have no idea what they’re up against. This is when we see Venom’s lethal potential. Brock can actually verbally communicate with and call for the symbiote, apparently by yelling, “Mask!” The gooey guy takes over and the mayhem begins. Venom’s abilities include being bulletproof, leaping to great heights, and super strength. He has seemingly unlimited reach with pliable tentacles and can instantly disarm the whole squad at once.

When the team starts shooting is the really fun part. Venom is completely bulletproof, but he doesn’t just deflect the shots like steel. That pliable gel is very reactive and bursts before reshaping to its body. That is probably the reason that the symbiote can heal Brock’s human body so quickly. It recovers instantly and is only angrier than before. There are definite perks to merging with the symbiote, but time will tell of Brock can handle all that power.

Venom bursts into theaters October 5.

Featured Image: Venom Courtesy: Sony Pictures


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