Being Venom is Brutal, But Somebody’s Gotta Do It

Things in Eddie Brock’s (Tom Hardy) world have gotten completely out of control. Although the sentient tar like substance that has attached itself to Eddie’s body is called a symbiote, a new trailer for Venom makes it clear that we’re dealing with a parasite. It does what it wants, when it wants, and Eddie really has no say over the matter.

The latest look at Venom completely lifts the veil on the relationship between symbiote and host. This trailer digs way deeper into the storyline and begins to reveal how Eddie gains his superpowers. As a reporter, Eddie goes looking for, “things the government may not be looking at.” Well, one of those things is a malicious alien lifeform. We don’t see exactly how Eddie comes in contact with the sludge. Basically, if you investigate secret science experiments, and you may end up on the wrong end of the Bunsen burner.

The alien body invasion is really horrific. The unnatural transformation is violent as well as haunting. Eddie starts hearing voices and soon realizes he cannot control his own body. As the symbiote begins attacking people, Eddie is just along for the ride.

The symbiotes may not be the true villain here. Right now, it is the scientists doing some really brutal experiments on people, seemingly without consent. Supposedly in the name of strengthening the human race, Dr. Drake (Riz Ahmed) unleashes the symbiotes on several people who become fighting machines. Fusing a symbiote with a human body causes some truly cringeworthy contortions. Symbiotes can grow, stretch, and change shape rapidly – something human bodies aren’t particularly well noted for doing. As a minor consolation, having a symbiote inhabit your body does help with rapid healing, so I guess there are perks.

Eddie and Venom seem to have different priorities about how to use their new powers. It isn’t even clear who the symbiote is targeting, but there are a lot of people who end up in its path. The real issue is going to be whether or not Eddie can keep the symbiote from hurting innocent people. As Venom grows stronger, Eddie finds himself growing more intoxicated by the power, which Anne (Michelle Williams) aptly recognizes is truly frightening. Oh, and remember those human science experiments? Yeah, it looks like they and their symbiote parasites are also on the loose and they might not be as understanding as Eddie.

Venom invades theaters October 5.

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