See how They Created Iron Man’s Nanotech Suit for Avengers: Infinity War

Yesterday we shared this look at how Weta Digital created the epic third act battle sequence on Titan in Avengers: Infinity War. In that brutal scrum with Thanos, Tony Stark threw everything he had at the purple colossus thanks to his new nanotech suit. Granted, Thanos was also fighting Doctor Strange, Spider-Man, and the Guardians of the Galaxy (minus Groot and Rocket), but the sequence ended with a vicious brawl between him and Iron Man. Spoiler alertThanos won, but not before he gave Tony and his super-suit some props. He was impressed with Stark’s courage (and, we imagine, the nanotech’s suit many insane abilities) and even said as much to the battered Avenger.

In a new VFX reel, another stellar digital studio, Framestore, breaks down how they helped create Iron Man’s nanotech suit in the film’s opening act. We first see the suit in action when Tony, Doctor Strange, Wong and Bruce Banner face off against Thanos’s “children,” the super powerful Ebony Maw and the hulking, humongous Cull Obsidian. We’ve come to expect Stark’s suit to do miraculous things, like soar in from stark HQ and assemble itself around him no matter where he is. The new suit has much less far to travel—it’s already on his person, only entirely invisible to the naked eye. With a tap on the arc reactor in his chest and a swift pull on his hoodie, Tony’s nanotech suit pours itself across him in seconds. What’s more, it has a ton of new, dazzling, destructive features that make it the most powerful Iron Man suit ever.

With Avengers: Infinity War now available on digital download and Blu-ray, studios like Weta and Framestore can showcase the incredible work they did to help the Russo Brothers and the massive Infinity War team realize their dark, epic vision.

Featured image: Iron Man’s new nanotech suit. Courtesy Marvel Studios.


Bryan Abrams

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