Watch Wade Wilson Join the X-Men in Deadpool 2

You may have heard that Deadpool 2 hit theaters this past weekend, breaking records and firmly establishing the Merc with a Mouth (Ryan Reynolds) as a superstar superhero. Everyone seems to agree that Deadpool 2 is even crazier and more fun than the original. Yet even though Deadpool is a bonafide bada**, he still yearns for the cachet that his more established colleagues have. We’re talking about the X-Men, who Deadpool finally joins during the shenanigans in Deadpool 2. In this “Anatomy of a Scene” created by the New York Times, Deadpool 2 director David Leitch walks us through a moment in the film in which Deadpool first comes face-to-face with Russell (Julian Dennison), a kid with some serious super powers who will ultimately become Deadpool’s charge, so to speak, when Cable (Josh Brolin) comes looking for the fire starting lil’ guy. The scene’s an important one, as it establishes Deadpool’s desire to do right, while simultaneously being true to his irreverent, chops busting nature. It also showcases how many talented people are required for a single scene, like your special and visual effects wizards, stunt performers, your cinematographer and more. A kid shooting fire out of his hands sounds relatively simple, but making this a reality on screen is a seriously complicated task.

The sequel is centered on that fire-starting kid. Deadpool being prodded by Vanessa (Morena Baccarin) into protecting Russell from Cable, a cyborg killer from the future (and the son of the X-Men’s Cyclops). When Deadpool first meets Cable, it becomes clear to the Merc with the Mouth that he’s going to need some seriously super powered friends if he’s going to be able to help the kid (because in the end, Deadpool will do whatever Vanessa tells him.) This is what brings us the X-Force, which you can consider an off-brand X-Men willing to do some very dirty jobs. The X-Force includes Domino (Zazie Beetz), Bedlam (Terry Crews), Peter (Rob Delaney), who has no discernible powers whatsoever save for being a lovable dork, and old pals Negasonic Teenage Warhead (Brianna Hildebrand) and Colossus (Stefan Kapicic). The two of them are in this scene, finding themselves on the business end of Russell’s still ungoverned powers. Deadpool 2 has more characters, including another villain, that invisible mutant, Lewis Tan’s Shatterstar, IT’s Bill Skarsgard as the mutant Zeitgiest, and Shioli Kutsuna as the mutant Surge.

Check out this “Anatomy of a Scene” below. Deadpool 2 is in theaters pretty much everywhere.

Featured image: Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) and Colossus in Twentieth Century Fox’s DEADPOOL 2. Photo Credit: Courtesy Twentieth Century Fox.


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