Rampage Roars While A Quiet Place Still Soars

Mutant beasts and murderous aliens dominated the box office this weekend. Dwayne Johnson’s new film, Rampage, was officially released in theaters Friday April 13 with an A- CinemaScore, and has already made $34.5 million domestically and $148.6 million globally—that’s a lot of zeroes—and that’s only in three days. This has placed Johnson, his gorilla pal George and the rest of the colossal crew in the top spot this week domestic box offices. reports that John Krasinski’s thriller A Quiet Place saw a mere 29% drop in ticket sales this week (a very small drop off), placing the beloved horror in second for domestic sales this week, raking in $32.6 million in only its second week of release. This brings the domestic total to $99.6 million. The film has been stunning audiences with its brilliant sound direction—despite it having barely any dialogue—and its stunning cinematography. A Quiet Place is still dominating in theaters though, making a total of $151.3 million globally in just the first two weeks. A truly masterful horror film that is thoughtful, exquisitely acted and directed, and superbly paced.

Coming in third place this week is Universal Pictures new teen horror film Truth or Dare, which opened on the April 13 and has made $19 million domestically and $2.6 million internationally. Steven Spielberg’s triumphant return to the silver screen, Ready Player One is in fourth place, having made $11.2 million this week bringing its domestic total to $114.6 million after three weeks. The film has seen major success overseas bringing the global total to $474 million—but we expected nothing less from Mr. Spielberg.

And las but certainly least, Kay Cannon’s raunchy comedy/coming of age tale Blockers rounds out the top 5 this week with $10.3 million earned this week. Blockers premiered April 6 and after two week as grossed $36.9 million, bringing the global total to $52.9 million.

Black Panther is also still, making history, while coming right around the corner is another Marvel mega-film, Avengers: Infinity War.

Featured image: (L-R) JASON LILES as George and DWAYNE JOHNSON as Davis Okoye in New Line Cinema’s and ASAP Entertainment’s action adventure “RAMPAGE,” a Warner Bros. Pictures release. Courtesy Warner Bros. 


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