Chris Hemsworth, Scarlett Johannsson & Brian Tyree Henry Highlight First “Transformers One” Trailer

Chris Hemsworth as a young Optimus Prime before he was Optimus Prime? And Brian Tyree Henry as the young Megatron, pre-villainous turn towards leading the Decepticons? This and more await you in the first trailer for Transformers One, a star-studded animated epic that will reveal the origin story behind the most bitter feud in Transformers history.

Hemsworth and Henry aren’t the only stars voicing alien robots in director Josh Cooley’s Transformers One—Scarlett Johansson voices Elita, Jon Hamm voices Sentinel Prime, Keegan-Michael Key voices a young Bumblebee, and Laurence Fishburn voices Alpha Trion. Oh, and the always welcome Steve Buscemi is involved, too, although we’re not yet sure who he plays.

The trailer sets the stage for how the young Prime, called Orion Pax, and the young Megatron, called D-16, were once pals. Not only that, they were hardly the Alpha-robots we’ve come to know in the various Transformers live-action films—in Transformers One, they’re workers toiling below, not even capable of transforming. Yet that changes when Orion Pax gets the group to travel to the surface of their home planet of Cybertron, where a major problem is brewing and these young, soon-to-be proper Transformers will be called into action.

When Paramount Pictures revealed Transformers One at CinemaCon, Hemsworth, Henry, and Johansson were on hand (the latter via video) to enthuse about the film. Hemsworth told the audience inside the Colosseum at Caesars Palace that they could expect “something truly spectacular.” Henry added: “This origin story is how they transformed from brothers in arms to sworn enemies.”

The first trailer reveals a film that looks like it will lean into the youth and optimism of its young protagonists, with plenty of jokes and lots of action. Yet it will also inevitably show us how these two young friends become enemies, a spat that will eventually involve the entire universe, especially Earth.

Cooley works from a script by Andrew Barrer and Gabriel Ferrari.

Transformers One hits theaters on September 13. Check out the trailer below:


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