Austin Butler Goes Airborne in First “Masters of the Air” Trailer

The first trailer for Masters of the Air has arrived. Apple TV+’s ambitious new World War II drama is led by Oscar-nominees Austin Butler and Barry Keoghan and boasts a stellar ensemble cast, including Callum Turner, Anthony Boyle, Nate Mann, Rafferty Law, Josiah Cross, Branden Cook, Ncuti Gatwa. (One of the series casting directors, Lucy Bevan, is responsible for populating Barbie Land in Greta Gerwig’s Barbie.) The new series comes from the same team that produced HBO’s Band of Brothers and The Pacific—Steven Spielberg, Tom. Hanks, and Gary Goeetzman.

Masters of the Air is based on Donald L. Miller’s book, adapted by John Orloff (who also worked on Band of Brothers), and follows the 100th Bomb Group, aka the “Bloody Hundredth,” the airmen who ran bombing runs over Nazi Germany in terrifying conditions—war at 25,000 feet is an entirely different beast to the terror of ground combat—and will deep dive into what it was actually like to go on those crucial, devastating bombing runs. Many of the airmen who took to the sky never came back, and those who survived were often wounded, physically or mentally (or both). Others were shot down and captured by the Germans. None of it was easy. Like its predecessors on HBO, Apple TV+’s new series promises viewers a sweeping, exquisitely produced epic.

The production team includes a bevy of incredible directors—Dee Rees, Ryan Fleck, Anna Boden, Cary Joji Fukunaga, and Timothy Van Patten.

Check out the trailer below. Masters of the Air arrives on Apple+ on January 26:

Here’s the official synopsis from Apple TV+:

Based on Donald L. Miller’s book of the same name, and scripted by John Orloff, Masters of the Air follows the men of the 100th Bomb Group (the “Bloody Hundredth”) as they conduct perilous bombing raids over Nazi Germany and grapple with the frigid conditions, lack of oxygen and sheer terror of combat conducted at 25,000 feet in the air. Portraying the psychological and emotional price paid by these young men as they helped destroy the horror of Hitler’s Third Reich, is at the heart of Masters of the Air. Some were shot down and captured; some were wounded or killed. And some were lucky enough to make it home. Regardless of individual fate, a toll was exacted on them all.

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Featured image: Episode 1. Austin Butler in “Masters of the Air,” premiering January 26, 2024 on Apple TV+.


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