Tim Burton Announces That “Beetlejuice 2” is Finished Filming

You can now say “Beetlejuice” three times and know that, eventually, the supernatural misfit will appear soon. Tim Burton took to Instagram to announce that his sequel Beetlejuice 2 has wrapped filming. The conclusion to principal photography comes as welcome news to fans of his iconic original—the sequel had only two days left of filming but had to shut down during the SAG-AFTRA strike.

Burton told The Independent that working on the sequel brought him back to the joy he felt making films.

“On this last one, Beetlejuice 2, I really enjoyed it,” he said. “I tried to strip everything and go back to the basics of working with good people and actors and puppets. It was kind of like going back to why I liked making movies.”

Burton directs the sequel from a script by Wednesday creators Miles Millar and Alfred Gough and sees the return of major stars from the original, including Beetlejuice himself, Michael Keaton, Winona Ryder as Lydia Deetz, and Catherine O’Hara as her mom, Delia Deetz. Newcomers include Jenna Ortega, as Lydia’s daughter, Astrid, Monica Bellucci as Beetlejuice’s wife, and Willem Dafoe, Justin Theroux, and Filipe Cates in undisclosed roles.

Keaton also echoed Burton’s sentiments in an interview with Empire Magazine.

“It has to be done as close to the way we made it the first time. Making stuff up, making stuff happen, improvising and riffing, but literally handmade stuff like people creating things with their hands and building something,” he said. “F**kin’ great. It’s the most fun I’ve had working on a movie in, I can’t tell you how long.”

Beetlejuice 2 currently has a release date of September 6, 2024.

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