“David Holmes: The Boy Who Lived” Trailer Unveils Touching Look at an Unbreakable Bond

The first trailer for Dan Hartley’s documentary David Holmes: The Boy Who Lived has arrived, revealing the story of the titular young man who was once Daniel Radcliffe’s stunt double, starting with the very first Harry Potter film, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, back in 2001. David Holmes was the perfect person to double Radcliffe—a gifted teenage gymnast from Essex, England—he began working alongside Radcliffe when the young actor was only eleven and just starting out his long run as Harry Potter. Holmes and Radcliffe went on to form a significant bond over the course of seven films and countless hours on set together, working through increasingly intricate stunts as Harry Potter grew older, the stakes in the film became bigger, and the action became more complicated. Then, a tragic accident while filming Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part One in 2010 left Holmes paralyzed. It’s how Holmes responded to that accident, the bond between the two young men, and Holmes’ remarkable strength of spirit that forms the crux of Hartley’s doc.

David Holmes: The Boy Who Lived boasts footage shot over the last decade, including Holmes’ incredible stunt work on the Harry Potter series, interviews with Holmes, Radcliffe, family, friends, former crew members, and more. For Potter-heads and for those of us who need a story of resilience, friendship, and community in troubled times, David Holmes: The Boy Who Lived is the film you need right now.

Check out the trailer below. David Holmes: The Boy Who Lived premieres on Max on November 15.

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Featured image: Daniel Radcliffe, David Holmes. Photo courtesy HBO.


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