Hilarious “Saturday Night Live” Sketch Forces Pete Davidson to Revisit a Humiliating Moment

Saturday Night Live gave Pete Davidson the Wired treatment last night. Davidson returned to the program to host the season 49 premiere, and one of the funniest sketches of the night had the Staten Island-born funny man play a sweet-natured TV star forced to revisit some of his, um, less stellar moments in his personal history. The sketch is a spoof on Wired‘s autocomplete interview series, where they get stars to sit down and answer the most searched questions from the web about themselves. Occasionally, these questions are revealing or funny, but SNL, of course, had to ratchet the awkwardness up to an eleven for their sketch.

In the sketch, Davidson is a cast member of an upcoming new Disney show called Stark Labs! He joins his fellow cast members for Wired‘s autocomplete interview, and while the rest of the cast are there to promote the new series and themselves with benign questions pertaining to their wealth or single status, Davidson’s character, Zach Elliot, only gets questions about a particular incident in his past that was extremely embarrassing. Every time the questions come back to Zach, he’s forced to relive his humiliation once again. And what did Zach once do? We’ll let you find that out in the sketch, but it’s pulled from an actual situation that occurred on a Delta flight.

It was a boisterous start to the new season, coming, once again, in the middle of global turmoil and upheaval in the entertainment industry itself. If there’s any comfort to be had right now, Saturday Night Live being back on air is about as comforting as it gets. Davidson hosted alongside musical guest Ice Spice. The entire episode is worth a watch.

Check out the sketch here:

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Featured image: Pete Davidson on “Saturday Night Live.” Courtesy NBC.


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