Ethan Coen’s “Drive-Away Dolls” Trailer Finds Margaret Qualley & Geraldine Viswanathan Hitting the Road

Film lovers rejoice anytime the Coen Brothers release a new feature, and the same is now true anytime one of the brothers unveils their own feature film. We were rightly enthused when Joel Coen’s Macbeth came out, a sizzling adaptation of the deathless Shakespeare tale starring Denzel Washington and Frances McDormand, no less, and we’re equally thrilled about Ethan Coen’s Drive-Away Dolls, an altogether different kind of film from one of the greatest American filmmakers working today.

Drive-Away Dolls stars Margaret Qualley as Jamie and Geraldine Viswanathan as Marian, two girlfriends at wit’s ends with their lives who decide a road trip is just what the doctor ordered. Their destination? Tallahassee, Florida, where, according to Jamie, they’re going “to get their act together, together.” There’s one slight hiccup in their plan—when they rent a car (from none other than Bill Camp), they end up inadvertently taking one that contains some elicit goods (also destined for Tallahassee, hence the mixup) put there by some very bad men. A flat tire leads to them popping the trunk to get to the spare. Instead, they find a briefcase, one of the great MacGuffin props (see; Pulp Fiction), and thus, their road trip becomes a real, honest-to-God adventure when they pop that sucker open and realize what they’ve got on their hands.

Goons are sent after the girls—the cast is fantastic and includes Pedro Pascal, Colman Domingo, Matt Damon, and Beanie Feldstein—but they soon find out that Jamie and Marian aren’t a pair of pushovers who will just hand over the goods. In fact, when Jamie said they were going to get their act together, it turns out what they needed was some motivation from some unsavory types to find their true calling. As badasses.

Drive-Away Dolls looks like a deliciously fun ride.

Check out the trailer below. Drive-Away Dolls hits theaters on September 22.

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Featured image: (L to R) Margaret Qualley as “Jamie” and Geraldine Viswanathan as “Marian” in director Ethan Coen’s DRIVE-AWAY DOLLS, a Focus Features release. Credit: Courtesy of Working Title / Focus Features


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