Dwayne Johnson Officially Returning for New “Fast and Furious” Movie – But It’s Not “Fast 11” or “Hobbs & Shaw 2”

If you’ve seen Fast X, you saw the genuinely surprising post-credits scene in which Dwayne Johnson reprised his role as Luke Hobbs after a years-long hiatus from the franchise. Now, the man himself and Universal have made it official—he’s officially returning to the franchise for a new Fast and Furious movie.

But here’s the catch—it won’t be in Fast 11 or Fast 12, the upcoming Vin Diesel-led films, nor is it a spinoff like Hobbs & Shaw, which saw Johnson and Jason Statham’s characters go off and have their own adventure. Sources tell The Hollywood Reporter that Johnson’s new film will bridge Fast X and Fast 11 (Fast X.5, then) and will boast some other stars from the Fast franchise.

Fast X director Louis Leterrier told THR that they reached out to Johnson about the possibility of returning to the franchise with a simple ask;  “We reached out to Dwayne and his team, and said, ‘Just come and watch the movie. You have to love the movie first.’ So he came to see the movie and really loved it, and then we started talking.”

Longtime Fast and Furious scribe Chris Morgan wrote the script for the new film Johnson will star in—he’s written six of the franchise’s ten films, but not F9 or Fast X—as well as Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw. Johnson is producing the new film, and guess who is included among his producing partners? Vin Diesel.

While the idea of Diesel and Johnson starring in a Fast film again after their very public falling out after 2016’s Fate of the Furious would be intriguing, so far, there’s no indication Diesel will be in Johnson’s new film. However, the fact that Johnson has returned to the franchise and the two stars have seemingly made some kind of behind-the-scenes amends is fitting for a franchise deeply committed to the notion of found family.

Hear it from the man himself:

Fast X is in theaters now.

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Featured image: Dwayne Johnson in ‘Hobbs and Shaw.’ Courtesy Universal Pictures.


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