Jordan Peele’s 4th Film Officially in the Works & Set for Christmas 2024 Release

There’s a Christmas gift for film lovers in the process of being created, and it should be wrapped and delivered by 2024. Universal Pictures has announced that Jordan Peele’s fourth film will arrive on Wednesday, December 25, 2024.

Peele has proven with his three previous efforts that he’s the kind of filmmaker whose movies are not only must-sees but that you (impatiently) look forward to. The mere announcement of a Peele film is big news. This is because he’s already delivered a trio of thrilling, chilling movies that began with his phenomenal debut, Get Out (2017), followed by his delicious doppelganger slasher Us (2019), and last year’s neo-western/sci-fi thriller Nope (2022). All carried Peele’s singular sensibility and revealed his immense (and growing) gifts as a filmmaker, yet each was markedly different, creating brand-new worlds which were all surprising, scary as hell, and often very funny.

There is, of course, no word yet at this early date on anything about the film, which is how Peele likes it. Not a single crumb about the title, the plot, what genre it falls in, or who might be involved. All that’s known, and all that we need to know at present to be excited, is that it’s a Jordan Peele movie, and it’ll arrive “only” two years after his last one.

Universal has also revealed that Peele’s production company, Monkeypaw, will be releasing a new film on September 27, 2024. There’s also no word on that film’s title, or anything else, for that matter. What we do know is that if Peele’s fourth film stays the course and the release date holds, it would drop a week after a little film from James Cameron, Avatar 3. 

Peele’s untitled fourth film will be the perfect Christmas treat. We’ll await word about the movie from the man himself as Peele delights in parceling out nuggets of information, typically via a cryptic tweet. He did as much for both Us and Nope, which he revealed piecemeal, offering just the title or the poster image before we knew anything else about the films. He’s kept the titles for his previous films three films short (four words in total), so let the speculation on what his fourth movie might be called begin. We’ll take the first stab at a guess…Duck. (This is an admittedly awful guess.)

We’ll share more when we know more.

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Featured image: Writer/producer/director Jordan Peele on the set of Nope.


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