New “65” Teaser Shows Adam Driver as Hunter & Prey of a Different Kind of Big Game

65 hours before the Super Bowl, Sony Pictures has revealed a new teaser for 65 that reveals a very different type of big game.

The new spot dropped precisely 65 hours before the Philadelphia Eagles play the Kansas City Chiefs in the Super Bowl (go Birds). The symmetry between timing and title has to do with the film’s premise, which posits a scenario in which Driver plays Mills, the pilot of a spaceship who crashes on a mysterious planet filled with extremely massive, strong, and fast predators. Those predators? They’re dinosaurs. The planet? Earth. The timeframe? 65 million years ago. The question? How is this possible? 

The how question is the central mystery of 65, which finds Driver’s spaceship pilot Mills now solely responsible for Koa (Arianna Greenblatt), the only other survivor from their ship which once housed 35 souls. Are Mills and Greenblatt human beings who somehow traveled back through time? Did humans evolve to technological maturity 65 million years ago, travel off planet, then crash land back on Earth accidentally? They’ve got the high-tech weaponry to suggest they certainly aren’t from 65 million years ago, unless, humans had evolved on another planet entirely (which would make them aliens) and ended up on Earth by accident. So many questions!

65 comes from directors Scott Beck and Bryan Woods, the duo who previously co-wrote, along with John Krasinski, A Quiet Place. The film is produced by none other than Sam Raimi. With these creative forces leading the ship, 65 has the potential to be an early-year thriller that’s fun, fast-paced, pared-down, and tense. Beck and Woods have traded those sound-hunting aliens from A Quiet Place for prehistoric carnivores, but there’s no doubt they’ve deployed what they learned from their critically acclaimed work in that film to great effect here.

And besides—Adam Driver versus dinosaurs? That’s a premise we can get behind. The mystery of how all this is possible is yet more reason to go see 65.

Check out the new teaser below. 65 hits theaters on March 10:

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Featured image: Adam Driver stars in 65. Courtesy Sony Pictures.


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