Ryan Reynolds Explains How Wolverine is Alive for “Deadpool 3” After Dying in “Logan”

Last night, Ryan Reynolds revealed to the world that Hugh Jackman was reprising his star-making role as Wolverine in Deadpool 3. People were enthused. People were also confused. The confusion was over the fact that Wolverine definitely, without a doubt, dies at the end of Logan, director James Mangold’s brutal, beautifully executed film about Wolverine’s final, heroic act.

Sure, this is the MCU, so if Marvel wanted, they could simply have the Deadpool 3 version of Wolverine exist in a different universe than the Logan Wolverine. Or, and much less confusingly, Deadpool 3 can (and most certainly will) be set before the events of Logan, which takes place in 2029. That seems like the most obvious solution, right? But why speculate when Reynolds is right here to tell you, in clear and concise terms, exactly how Jackman can suit up again as Wolverine:

You didn’t expect Reynolds to play this straight, did you? Part of the appeal of Jackman returning to a role that he really couldn’t have left in better fashion than he did with Logan is that he and Reynolds have been doing this type of bit for years now, and clearly enjoy it. As we wrote earlier today, this feels like it’s been coming for a very long time, ever since Reynolds infamously appeared in an earlier, much-mocked iteration of Deadpool in 2009’s X-Men Origins: Wolverine. In that film, the Merc With the Mouth couldn’t speak because his mouth was sewn shut, which is hilarious in retrospect when you consider that Reynolds rebooted the character in his 2016 smash hit Deadpool on the strength of his antihero’s indefatigable yammering and wise-cracking.

After years of joking about their brief previous collaboration and the possibilities for a future one, the dynamic duo of Reynolds and Jackman will finally share the screen together again. Deadpool 3 is due in theaters on September 6, 2024.

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