New “Bullet Train” Clip & First Reactions Hype Hilarious, Hardcore Action-Comedy Led by Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt has proven, time and time again, that his leading man looks belie an astonishing ability at playing goofy, weird, wild, and wasted. From his scene-stealing turn as the pothead Floyd in a brief sequence in True Romance to his paranoid asylum patient playing opposite Bruce Willis in 12 Monkeys to his lunatic bare-knuckled boxer in Snatch—and dozens of films between and after—Pitt has proven again and again he’s very comfortable providing off-kilter energy and some killer comedic timing. Now, in David Leitch’s star-studded assassins-on-a-train action/comedy Bullet Train, Pitt is coming in for some stellar reviews as the glue that keeps this breathless, butt-kicking movie together.

Barry Hertz of the Globe and Mail writes: “Bullet Train’s biggest weapon, of the secretly funny variety, rests in the chiseled form of star Brad Pitt, who once again proves that he is as charming a buff-and-tough movie god as he is a wry, self-deprecating comedy star.”

Bullet Train is centered on Pitt’s Ladybug, an assassin who wants out of the business but has a new job to take care of, one that takes him on the titular bullet train. Once onboard, Lady Bug learns he’s not the only trained killer on the job, and what ensues is a go-for-broke action-comedy that benefits from director David Leitch’s mastery of the fight scene (he’s the man who brought us Atomic Blonde and Deadpool, to name a few). A new clip highlights the kick-ass tone of the film:

With Bullet Train opening on August 5, the reviews have started to pour in. Let’s check out some of those spoiler-free reactions and reviews, shall we?

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Featured image: Brad Pitt and Bad Bunny star in Bullet Train. Courtesy Sony Pictures.


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