Daniel Kaluuya & Keke Palmer Highlight New “Nope” Trailer & Inside Look

A brand new Nope trailer and a behind-the-scenes video give us a clearer picture of the two stars of Jordan Peele’s third film. Both of these riveting peeks at the film came during last night’s BET Awards, held at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles (Nope stars Daniel Kaluuya and Keke Palmer were on hand as presenters).

Kaluuya and Palmer play OJ and Emerald Haywood, a brother and sister who own a horse ranch in a dusty gulch in Southern California. In the new behind-the-scenes video, we learn that it was OJ who stayed behind to run the ranch. When Emerald comes back into his life, Kaluuya says that OJ remembers, “Oh wait, you’re not doing anything, you’re not helping.” While Emerald might not have been the best help around the ranch, what she does have, according to Palmer, is charisma.

The brother and sister pairing at the heart of Peele’s film will be put to the test when some uninvited guests show up—in the sky—and start causing trouble. Only that trouble could turn into a goldmine for the Haywoods, if only they could capture footage of their new guest—a freakin’ alien ship—and make history.

“Daniel Kaluuya is my all-time favorite actor,” Peele says of his collaborator from Get Out. “And Keke Palmer, she has this spark. She just crushes.”

Nope will track the Haywood’s relationship in the midst of this interstellar horror they find themselves suddenly starring in. Peele says that the two of them will be forced to recognize that despite their issues, the insanity unfolding all around them will clarify their relationship. “It’s about their ability to go from not connecting to acknowledging they have always seen each other,” Peele says.

“There’s an innate love for each other. A brother and sister being friends, being real—I’ve rarely seen that,” Kaluuya says.

This new behind-the-scene look ends with a thrilling sequence that exemplifies what Peele, Kaluuya, and Palmer are talking about, and you’ll get a better look at that sequence in the new trailer. Nope will give us the thrills and chills we’ve come to expect from Peele, but it will be centered on a relationship that is fundamentally decent and loving. Unlike the horrific violence hiding in the beautiful upstate Armitage house in Peele’s Oscar-winning Get Out, or the shocking truth buried beneath the family in his second film, Us, Nope looks like it might focus on a what’s possible when the truth about a relationship doesn’t spell doom, and even possibly means salvation.

Check out the two new videos below. Nope hits theaters on July 22.

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Featured image: LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – JUNE 26: (L-R) Daniel Kaluuya and KeKe Palmer speak onstage during the 2022 BET Awards at Microsoft Theater on June 26, 2022 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images for BET)


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