Future Critics: Kyle Perez on Canadian Filmmakers & Loving the Classics

In the third installment of our Future Critics series, we raise the age range a touch but we sure don’t the passion for film on display. We’ve been schooled on composers by East Coaster Benji Cherukuri, given a crash course in the importance of female filmmakers from West Coaster Elisa Monagas, and now we head north to learn what inspires Canadian film lover, film world employee—and film and TV influencer (more on that in a second)—Kyle Perez. 

Like with so many of us, Kyle’s love for movies dates back as far as he can remember. “The movies have always served as a kind of safe haven, a place to totally immerse myself in the endless array of worlds and stories,” he says. Kyle’s enthusiasm for film and TV is no longer just a personal passion—he has become the 6th most prolific poll author on the International Movie Database (IMDb), drawing more than 650,000 votes from users on the site. Over on Instagram, Kyle has become an influencer in the TV/Film space, earning more than 75,000 followers to date. Unsurprisingly, Kyle’s enthusiasm for all things film and TV is infectious.

Kyle has taken his passion into the professional world. He’s currently the distribution coordinator of Little Engine Moving Pictures, a kids and family production company, where he assists in the day-to-day development of Little Engine’s TV slate and provides both creative and administrative support for the growing distribution pipeline. 

As a proud Canadian, Kyle has some thoughts on his favorite Canadian filmmakers, which he shared with us below in Part I.

Although a young guy, Kyle’s favorite films are all classics—It’s a Wonderful Life, 12 Angry Men, Casablanca, Sunset Blvd., and Psycho. In part II, Kyle takes us on a trip down memory lane and shares a bit about why these films ignited his passion.


Bryan Abrams

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