“A Quiet Place Part II” Release Bumped Up to Memorial Day

Chalk this up as some good news to start your Friday. Paramount has announced that they’ll be releasing John Krasinski’s A Quiet Place Part II earlier than we’d thought. They’ve pushed up the release date to Memorial Day, making Krasinski’s hotly-anticipated sequel our official summer kickoff film. What’s not to love about this?

Krasinski took to Twitter to share the news. The new release date means that the writer/director’s follow-up will have now been delayed well over a year from its original March 20 release date. In fact, A Quiet Place Part II has been delayed several times, then again, nearly every major blockbuster has been. However, one can’t help but believe, with the pandemic news finally trending positive and vaccinations ramping up, that this new release date will be the last. 

A Quiet Place Part II is now slipping into the spot once occupied by F9, which has been moved from May 28 to June 25. What we know about Krasinski’s sequel is that it’s already been screened by critics—who loved it. The first film was squarely focused on the Abbott family, led by Lee (Krasinski) and Evelyn (Emily Blunt), who were trying to keep their children Marcus and Regan (Noah Jupe and Millicent Simmonds, respectively) alive—and quiet! Evelyn was also pregnant, complicating matters tremendously. The Abbotts, especially pregnant Evelyn, had all the odds stacked against them—yet they survived. Well, not all of them—Lee sacrificed himself to save the children. In the sequel, the remaining Abbotts venture out into the larger world, and in doing so come in contact with other survivors (played by Cillian Murphy and Djimon Hounsou, no less), while the monsters are still out there, hunting and killing at the slightest hint of sound.

Here’s a brief glance at a few of the critics’ reactions to the sequel, and yet more reason to feel good about this news.

Featured image: L-r, Regan (Millicent Simmonds), Marcus (Noah Jupe) and Evelyn (Emily Blunt) brave the unknown in “A Quiet Place Part II.” Photo credit: Jonny Cournoyer/Paramount Pictures.


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