Bounty Hunting is a Complicated Profession in First Trailer for The Mandalorian

Just as Disney promised, the first trailer for the first-ever live-action Star Wars series is here. Disney’s D23 Expo delivered the goods, and now we’ve got a sense of what Jon Favreau’s The Mandalorian Disney+ series will be like. The first reaction we had to watching the trailer was yes. There is but a single line of dialogue in the 93-seconds, and it comes courtesy of the great Werner Herzog: “Bounty hunting is a complicated profession,” he says with his inimitable German-accented English. “Wouldn’t you agree?” Yes, yes we would. Pedro Pascal’s titular Mandalorian, in his full Boba Fett-like bounty hunting gear, has just taken out a room full of Stormtroopers. His actions speak for him—this is, indeed, a complicated profession. Both Jengo and Boba Fett would agree.

This is the public’s first look at the upcoming live-action series after a similar trailer was revealed at the Star Wars Celebration for those who were in Chicago only. We begin with a bunch of Stormtrooper helmets on stakes—a great first shot, with a touch of Mad Max: Fury Road to it. We are firmly in the Star Wars galaxy, however, because this dusty, desert setting is the planet of Tatooine, and it’s home to dangerous droids, spaceships, and the overall sense of an outlaw territory on the brink of confrontation in every conceivable way.

The Mandalorian is set between Return of the Jedi—when the Empire finally fell—and the rise of the First Order, which was in full force at the beginning of The Force Awakens. The look and feel of the show is a touch grittier than we’ve seen in previous Star Wars installments, which fits its title hero’s outlaw status. Executive producer/director/writer Jon Favreau told The Hollywood Reporter that the goal was to “bring a darker, freakier side of Star Wars,” as the series explores the planet of Tatooine (Luke Skywalker’s home, of course) between the two trilogies. Favreau intends the show to be a novel experience for audiences. It’s “an opportunity to tell a story that’s bigger than television, but you don’t have the same expectations that a big holiday release has, which to me isn’t that type of Star Wars that comes out of me,” he told the Reporter.

The Mandalorian will be available to stream when Disney+ launches on November 12th. Check out the trailer below:

Featured image: Pedro Pascal is ‘The Mandalorian.’ Courtesy Walt Disney Studios/Disney+


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