Us Has a Creepy Cool Soundtrack and Unforgettable Remix

We saw Us at SXSW and it is an insane and scary mind twister that is satisfying in every way – down to the music. Remember back to our favorite Christmas present of waking up and watching the very first trailer? It opened with the Wilson family singing along to the Luniz classic “I Got 5 On It” on their way to the beach. The jam will officially be featured on the movie’s soundtrack along with some other great hits.

The singalong featuring Gabe (Winston Duke) and Adelaide Wilson (Lupita Nyong’o) sharing the song with their kids offers a false sense of relaxation and nostalgia before the chaos unfolds. Writer/director Jordan Peele has a knack for taking things we love or are indifferent to and making them into symbols of terror. Need we mention the teacup in Get Out? And trust us, you’ll never look at scissors the same way after Us. The same goes for the music. It’s delicious but now gets a terrifying twist.

We always loved jamming out to this Luniz beat feat. Michael Marshall, but we’re hearing it in a new way now. The classic song got a haunting remix just for Us that you can listen to now via Back Lot Music. Now that we hear it in this context, the original song does have a little bit of a “Tubular Bells” tone. The “Tethered Mix” created just for the film leans into horror compositions with chilling violins and a distorted chorus. This honestly could not be more creepy or cool.

“I Got 5 On It” won’t be the only earworm on the soundtrack. “I Like That” by Janelle Monae, and “Les Fleur” by Minnie Riperton will also be featured. Michael Abels will fill out the musical contributions with a fantastic and frightful score we won’t be forgetting anytime soon.

Us is in theaters March 22, but the soundtrack is available Friday.

Featured image: The Wilson family doppelgängers (from left) Abraham (Winston Duke), Umbrae (Shahadi Wright Joseph), Pluto (Evan Alex) and Red (Lupita Nyong’o) in “Us,” written, produced and directed by Jordan Peele. Courtesy Universal Pictures.


Kelle Long

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