Watch Jordan Peele Cross Over Into The Twilight Zone

Last night’s Super Bowl game was a little strange. At times it felt as though we may have crossed over into The Twilight Zone. That low score was real, but we did get one brief glimpse of dimensions beyond when Jordan Peele took to the field in a new promo for the upcoming reboot.

The Twilight Zone teaser cut into the Super Bowl broadcast drawing us from normalcy to the strange and unusual just as characters in the classic show did. Seeing the empty stadium on Super Bowl day is definitely gripping and the Twilight Zone fanatic in me was pumped to see the logo swirl on the jumbotron. This is becoming real, people, and Jordan Peele is making it happen.

The biggest hurdle here for resurrecting such an iconic series is the singularity of Serling’s mind. He wrote many of the show’s stories and almost all of his alluring introductions. Serling’s inimitable syntax and soothing voice were hallmarks of the show. Peele is his own person and will host the show in his own way. It is clear that he isn’t making any effort to mimic the show’s creator, but he will bring his own inviting persona to each episode.

Although there have been rumors of recreating famous episodes like “Nightmare at 30,000 feet,” this ad indicates to me that the show will try to go to new places. The Twilight Zone is all about seeing things from a new perspective and realizing that our own problems can be seen from new angles.

“Answers are new questions. The unthinkable is the expected,” Peele teases. Fans have called tech-oriented Black Mirror the “new Twilight Zone,” but this more closely strikes that Serling tone that I’m so familiar with. There are certain rules of time and space that can bend just enough to allow us to see our world with fresh eyes. Are you ready to walk through that door?

The Twilight Zone begins on CBS All Access April 1.

Featured Image: The Twilight Zone via CBS


Kelle Long

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