Kevin Feige Explains Why Avengers: Endgame‘s Title Was Kept Secret

What a time to be alive. We are witnessing the culmination of Phase 3 of Marvel Cinematic Universe. That’s ten years of action and adventure which has led to the titular endgame: defeating Thanos once and for all in Avengers: Endgame. A good portion of the film-loving world is anxiously awaiting to see how the Russo brothers will actually end this game. We know that we’ll get that answer when the epic three-hour showdown arrives in theaters on April 26.

A trailer and poster dropped in December confirmed the movie’s name and release date, but Marvel Studios is doing everything it can to maintain mystery, and avoid any spoilers. So far, so good?

What about the title? Many a fan doesn’t think Avengers: Endgame is a spoiler in itself, but Marvel President Kevin Feige has a differing viewpoint. When recently asked by Collider about the secrecy surrounding the sequel’s title, he said:

“Well, I think I’d said that it all had gotten blown out of proportion to some extent. But it was a spoiler, because if you knew before Infinity War came out that the next movie was called Endgame, then you know that there wasn’t an ending to Infinity War. But that had been the title of the movie from the moment we conceived of doing the two films. In large part, because…it’s seeded right there. I mean, it’s seeded in Ultron.”

Interesting. This comment also follows previous comments by Feige that Endgame’s title was chosen before development even began for the movie.

All of this makes sense. While Endgame doesn’t reveal the entire movie in one word alone, it would have drastically altered how moviegoers saw last year’s Infinity War. Fans would have known that Endgame suggests that the fight isn’t over. This validates the studio’s choice in hiding the title until December’s internet-breaking trailer.

Patience is a virtue! Avengers: Endgame comes to theaters on April 26.

Featured image: Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) in ‘Avengers: Endgame.’ Courtesy Marvel Studios/Walt Disney Studios.


Jessy Diamba

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