International Us Trailer is a Trail of Terrifying Images

Is the Wilson family hitting some bad luck? Or is there truly someone out to get them? A new international trailer for Us reveals even more freaky footage of the unsettling imposter movie.

The two-minute look at the film promises terror after terror. A family beach vacation with a few strange events leaves Adelaide (Lupita Nyong’o) feeling uneasy, but the nightmare has just begun. No one likes being replaced, but it’s especially horrifying if the threatening party carries sharp scissors and looks just like you.

Jordan Peele’s directorial debut, Get Out, had some unforgettably crazy moments, but things seemed to start more calmly. A trailer for the body-snatching horror film that was of comparable length took 30 seconds to get to the first scare. Within 15 seconds, disturbing images begin appearing in the Us trailer. Adelaide immediately narrates that something doesn’t feel right and we would have to agree.

Call them symbols, signs, or warnings, eerie occurrences are telling us that this is going to be far darker than Get Out. The element the new trailer seems to introduce is a contrast between the light and the dark. Lightning in the night sky, a spark in the dark, and a lamp flicked off all foreshadow evil that comes in the night. And what the heck is up with all of those bunnies in cages?

Although Get Out tackled a terrible subject, Peele utilized humor and satire in the film. Us doesn’t appear to offer any comedic relief. Even the pacing is unsettling. None of the characters converse with one another. Each sentence is almost detached from the next. A particularly fascinating sequence begins at the 55 second mark. Jason (Evan Alex) says, “There’s a family in our driveway.” A long and tense moment passes before Gabe (Winston Duke) asks, “Who is that?” After another beat, Adelaide’s only response is, “Uh uh.” In that moment we totally channel her terror and it feels so intimate.

Get Out was packed with so much symbolism it actually inspired a college course. We’re already picking up on themes in Us and wonder what they all mean. We’re expecting this to be more horror and less of a happy ending. We’ll be rooting for the Wilson family, but regrettably acknowledge they may not all make it out alive.

Us opens in theaters March 22.

Featured Image: Us Poster. Courtesy Universal Studios


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