The New Us Trailer Is Supremely Unnerving

The latest Us trailer will have you seeing sinister intent in every coincidence for the rest of our day. A series of unsettling images that seem a little too perfect and a lot too creepy are the next window we have into the world of Jordan Peele’s upcoming thriller.

When things start to unfold rather conveniently on a family beach vacation, Adelaide Wilson (Lupita Nyong’o) begins to suspect things may be about to go wrong. Little does she know how right she is. “You know how sometimes, things line up?” she asks. “Coincidences? Since we’ve been up here, they’ve been happening more and more. It’s like there’s this black cloud hanging over us.”

Some coincidences can be a pleasant surprise, but that is not the case here. It seems there is someone following the family who turns up everywhere they are. That is just a prelude to the horrors yet to develop. The chilling preview gives us an extended look at The Tethered, a group of monsters who look exactly like the people they are haunting and hunting.

The evil lookalikes who carry sharp scissors may look docile, but their behavior is the definition of unnerving. With odd mannerisms and quick, unnatural movements, they are a terrifying bunch. They even have the ability to climb quickly and scramble ever closer to their prey.

The trailer is rife with symbolism, the least of which being those gold scissors. You will never need to be reminded to not run with a pair of scissors ever again after seeing this trailer. It no longer looks like an appealing activity. From the son’s Jaws tee shirt at the beach to a bright red frisbee that flies into the Wilson’s lives and tons of characters in masks, there is a lot to unpack where that will hopefully be revealed in the film.

Us seems to strike a completely different tone than Get Out. Jordan Peele flexed his comedic muscle through his directorial debut, even though it was stunningly scary. Us appears to offer no humorous relief, just pure, primal fear. One thing the two do seem to have in common is alarming music. They each have similar slashing violin notes that immediately put us on edge. Peele may just like the style and have guided composer Michael Abels toward similar sounds, but it’s also a possible indicator that Us and Get Out live in the same universe.

There are more mysteries than answers revealed in this trailer and draws us even deeper into the web. This will be a sumptuous nightmare indeed.

Us arrives in theaters March 22.

Featured Image: “Us.” Courtesy of Universal Pictures. 


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