Elijah Finds the Equal He’s Been Searching for in New Glass Teaser

Dr. Ellie Staple (Sarah Paulson) brazenly challenges Mr. Glass (Samuel L. Jackson), the Beast (James McAvoy), and David Dunn (Bruce Willis) to prove to her that humans with powers exist. They’re probably not the best test subjects if you value your life in any way. A new teaser for Glass shows the diabolic duo of Glass and Beast unleashing on the world.

The climax of Split was uncovering the existence of the Beast within Kevin Crumb’s many personalities. It was a terrifying reveal made even more harrowing by his really freaky movements, like being able to run like a cheetah and scale walls incredibly quickly. This new teaser shows off his unbelievable strength, speed, and savage bloodlust. He looks wild, but what if that raw power could be controlled? The result appears to be something more like a weapon.

Mr. Glass may be the only person who actually can control the Beast. Even Kevin’s other personalities have been afraid and unable to contain him. Still, it seems that Elijah once had hopes of partnering with David. He would have been much more rational to deal with, but it is that reason that made him resistant to Elijah’s horrifying acts. Will he find in the Beast what he has been looking for?

Dr. Staple says she wants to see the full capacity of what metahumans can do, but she quickly changes her tune. After spending her life searching for proof of superheroes – and villains – she then says, “We are not meant to have this much power.” You think?

We are still sitting with a big question mark over Casey Cooke (Anya Taylor-Joy). The Beast’s only survivor, Casey is starting to piece together what her one-time captor actually is. Mr. Glass announces that the bad guys are teaming up, but hopefully, the good guys will too. David thinks he is alone and the teaser doesn’t reveal if he will find Casey, but maybe they are the answer to the looming destruction.

As we get closer to the opening date, I get more excited about this film. Glass looks like a really thoughtful story arc and it is a fan’s dream. So often people scrape and speculate hoping that something they love will secretly connect to something else. M. Night Shyamalan did that for us and it might actually be really fantastic. Not to mention, we didn’t see it coming when Split was released, so there may be more surprises in store.

Glass opens in theaters January 18.

Featured Image: Samuel L. Jackson in Glass. Courtesy: Universal Pictures


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