CBS Reveals the First Look at the Set of The Twilight Zone

Sixty years after The Twilight Zone first made contact with our world, the portal is opening once again. This time, it may be opening for you. The classic anthology series about a normal day that slips into the supernatural is returning to CBS. If you own every episode on DVD as I do, you’ll remember the pauses for ‘station identification’ followed by the CBS logo. You can now revisit all of the classics on CBS All Access and the station announced yesterday that production has begun on the Jordan Peele reboot.

The original series premiered October 2, 1959, and aired for five seasons. Luckily, host and recurring screenwriter Rod Serling was prolific and we got 156 episodes out of the run. Each episode features a regular person who soon begins to find that everything has gotten exceptionally strange. Often in terrible, but occasionally wonderful ways. The characters were subjected to horrifying moral dilemmas with gruesome consequences. The series tackled social issues including war, racism, the danger of fear, greed, corruption, and beauty standards.

Get Out director Jordan Peele is leading us into The Twilight Zone as the new host of the series. It will be interesting to see what new stories he will tackle. Netflix’s Black Mirror has often been likened to The Twilight Zone for its surreal premises. However, the streaming favorite is exclusively focused on the dangers of technology. The Twilight Zone often examined the pitfalls of humankind itself.

The clip ends with our first glimpse from the set of the new Twilight Zone series. The setting is a midcentury diner. The time is unknown. With the bright colors and vintage KitchenAid tools, it looks like the new series will be paying homage to the old. Rather than pushing the limits of technology, they may be playing to our nostalgia. How will we ever know what lies ahead for the show? Serling gave us the answer. The only way to unlock this door is with the key of imagination. And also patience as the series premieres next year.

See something in the teaser you love? Below are each of the episodes featured in the promo in order of their first appearance. Hop on CBS All Access to catch up.

‘The Invaders’: season 2, episode 15

‘The Masks’: season 5, episode 25

‘Time Enough at Last’: season 1, episode 8

‘The Eye of the Beholder’: season 2, episode 6

‘To Serve Man’: season 3, episode 24

‘The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street’: season 1, episode 22

‘Nothing in the Dark’: season 3, episode 16

‘Two’: season 3, episode 1

‘It’s the Good Life’: season 3, episode 8

‘Will the Real Martian Please Stand Up’: season 2, episode 28

‘A Stop at Willoughby’: season 1, episode 30

‘Nightmare at 20,000 Feet’: season 5, episode 3

‘Living Doll’: season 5, episode 6

Featured Image: The Twilight Zone via CBS


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