Jordan Peele Crosses Over Into The Twilight Zone

If it feels as though you may have been transported to another dimension, it’s possible that you have. Jordan Peele has once more unlocked the door to the Twilight Zone and any number of strange and wonderful things are soon to unfold. As one of the strongest contemporary writers working right now, Peele has taken the mantle of one of the best written shows in TV history. Ever since CBS announced Peele’s involvement in the revival of the sci-fi series, it has been speculated that he may step into the shoes of legendary creator and host Rod Serling. The first teaser for the series today confirms that news.

Peele’s voice eerily melds with the familiar tone of Serling’s in a recreation of the famous title sequence. The Twilight Zone originally ran for five seasons from 1959-1964. The sequence actually varied slightly, but the brief promo highlights one of the most famous. An eye, a clock, and open door all welcome you to cross over into the land of the strange and supernatural. And of course, the resurrection of the, “do do do do, do do do do,” theme song that you don’t even have to listen to in order to know what I’m talking about.

The Twilight Zone seems like a perfect fit for Peele who has created some of the most creative and challenging material of late. Serling’s stories were always supernatural and often frightening, but they always had a deeper vein testing the boundaries of morality. Physics may be suspended in the Twilight Zone, but consequences always come swiftly. The show was incredibly entertaining, but also explored themes of tribalism, racism, and misogyny. Peele’s Get Out also used horror to explore racial dynamics in America and comedy series Key and Peele covered an array of serious topics through humor.

The Twilight Zone is a sacred space of television to me and my personal favorite of all time. I cannot think of anyone I trust more than Peele in handling something I love so dearly.

The Twilight Zone will air next year on CBS All Access.

Featured Image: HOLLYWOOD, CA – MARCH 04: Jordan Peele attends the 90th Annual Academy Awards at Hollywood & Highland Center on March 4, 2018 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images)


Kelle Long

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