Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt Give ‘Hats Off’ to the Jungle Cruise Crew

This concludes filming of the Jungle Cruise. Please gather all of your belongings, watch your step, and thank your crew. Filming wrapped on Disney’s next theme park ride inspired adventure, and actors Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt took a moment on Twitter to thank the team that helped their canoe sail smoothly. All of the behind the scenes folks got applause and a literal ‘hats off’ from the stars.

“Truly there is an X-factor involved with making this incredible movie, Jungle Cruise,” Blunt beamed in the short video. “Without which, this film simply wouldn’t have been made.” Blunt and Johnson continue their (fake) feud as established in the first teaser. When Johnson jumped in to take credit, Blunt shuts him down. “No, absolutely not. This is not about you. For once.”

Johnson often takes time to thank the team around him and was of course only joking about taking all the credit. “It’s about them. It’s about the hardworking crew. Could not have done it without them,” Johnson said. With that, everyone gave their captain’s hat a toss into the air to celebrate what appears to be a successful shoot. Johnson signs off with the ultimate Disney shout out saying, “This one is for you, Walt.”

Despite teasing each other, the costars obviously enjoyed working together. Johnson posted an emotional video on Instagram this weekend highlighting his partnership with Make-A-Wish. The Jumanji star brought a group of kids straight onto the set of Jungle Cruise and Blunt was more than happy to swing by and support the good cause.

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*scroll left Even though I was obviously there with the kids and parents, it’s hard for me to watch these without shedding a happy tear or two. As a man, father and luckiest SOB on this planet, I can honestly say without no uncertain terms — to me, this will always be the best part of my job. The best part of fame. Stay strong families and thank you for choosing me as your “wish” and thank you for the trust to deliver a little bit of joy to your lives. Stay strong ~ DJ ❤ And a huge mahalo to my Emily Blunt & @jackwhitehall as well as my entire team, Jungle Cruise production crew and our amazing partners @microsoft, @atomtickets, @disney & @underarmour. #MakeAWishDay #TheKindaStuffThatReallyMatters

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Jungle Cruise is inspired by Disneyland’s corniest ride. It’s a good sign that Johnson and Blunt were goofing around on set. Hopefully, the script is jam-packed with silly jokes and surprises just like the theme park classic.

Jungle Cruise sets sail October 2019.

Featured Image: Emily Blunt and Dwayne Johnson in ‘Jungle Cruise.’ Courtesy Disney


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