New Fallout Clips Prove Mission: Impossible is the Best Action Franchise

Notoriously perfectionist stunt professional (oh, and actor) Tom Cruise and director Christopher McQuarrie have done it again. Two new clips from Mission: Impossible- Fallout boast the incredibly suspenseful halo jump and a bathroom brawl for the ages. In the series sixth installment, the iconic Ethan Hunt (Cruise) runs into troubles aplenty after an important mission goes wrong. Hunts problem include a babysitter from hell. In real life, Cruise has once again pushed himself to the limits to bring off yet even more insane stunts for the new film. These clips remind us that there is no franchise that more reliably delivers the best stunts than Mission: Impossible.

A one man job is never easy when you’re in a race against time, but luckily for Hunt, August Walker (Henry Cavill) provided some back up in this nail-biting and vividly bright bathroom fight. You’ve got your pipe choke holds and the clever use of a bathroom mirror. It’s interesting to see Hunt and Walker on the same team here, as we know eventually, these two will be coming after each other.

It is incredibly rare to see an actor jump out of a military plane from 35,000 feet in the air. By rare we mean it’s never been done before by an actor. Naturally, Cruise had to do it, and became the first actor to ever pull off a HALO jump. Let’s not forget he had to perform this maneuver several times in order to film to scene. For Cruise, there is no limit to the impossible.

Seconds before Hunt is scheduled to dive out of the plane, he frantically rethinks the idea due to a storm brewing below- but his daredevil in crime, Walker, has no second thoughts, courageously making the leap. The clip ends with a tease, Hunt free falling from the clear skies unsure of what will happen next. WOW.

This franchise has gotten better and better as Cruise has gotten older and older (presumably).

Mission: Impossible- Fallout hits theaters July 27

Featured image: Tom Cruise in ‘Mission: Impossible – Fallout.’ Courtesy Paramount Pictures.