Could This Deadpool 2 Cameo Lead to Something More?

Deadpool 2 is just weeks away, so the Merc with the Mouth is making the press rounds. We knew we would see a lot of him around town stirring up trouble. The last place we expected him to end up, however, was in Hugh Jackman’s bed. Well, there is video evidence that happened and our curiosity outweighs our jealousy. What are those two doing together?

The Logan star appeared to be attempting to film a birthday video message when the surprise guest burst into lyrics from Annie. A camera pan revealed a relaxed Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) lounging on the bed behind him. Although mildly irritated, the nicest man in show business joined in for the chorus. Jackman then attempted to wrap up and the message devolved into Deadpool musing about just who let the dogs out.

While highly entertaining, we can hardly imagine this odd couple is a coincidence. Deadpool 2 trailers have revealed that Wade and Weasel (T.J. Miller) are recruiting new blood for X-Men knockoff, the X-Force. Reynolds long ago teased in a tweet that he had visited the X-Mansion, but no one was home.

X-Men has always been one of the most serious franchises in the Marvel Universe, and Logan cemented the emphasis on drama last year. The contrast between the two has been a solid source of humor since Deadpool started taking loving swipes at the mutants.

So the big question is, will Jackman come out of retirement so soon to reprise his role as Wolverine? We took a wild stab last month predicting a secret cameo might spell out a Logan appearance in Deadpool 2, but we admit it seemed pretty far-fetched. Now, however, the odds are much more in our favor. After 17 years as the clawed crime fighter, we would gladly greet any opportunity to see Jackman suit up once more.

Considering Deadpool was rejected from the Avengers, it’s reasonable that he would turn his focus back to the X-Men. In fact, that’s exactly what Tony Stark told him to do in a recent letter. Come on, Hugh. If Deadpool is going to crash your video, it’s only fair to do it back.

Deadpool 2 slams into theaters May 18.


Kelle Long

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